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General service assistant provides housekeeping, laundry services, and upkeep for spaces and buildings in the hospital by maintaining cleaning supplies, cleaning equipment, to ensure a sanitary and orderly environment for patients and staff.


Dress yourself in full protective wear.
Sweep assigned duty stations
Notify users of wet floors
Scrub dirty surfaces.
Mop using approved ratios of detergent.
Cleaning dusty surfaces Dump dust on such items as blinds, furniture, file cabinets, and windowsills
Providing laundry services for hospital items

Pick up dirty linen from the operating rooms.
Sort according to degree of soiled and color spot clean those heavily soiled.
Prepare a jink and detergent solution. 1:8:3 (jink: water: detergent)
Soak items for 30 minutes.
Wash, rinse, and hang washed linen for drying.
Pressing and folding linen
Replenishing various locations with clean and pressed linen
Ensuring that waste is disposed of appropriately

Effective hand hygiene is done whenever there is a there is a change of station.
Doing work according to set policies and procedures.
Being aware of infection prevention and control measures and following them at all times
Attend all departmental training on infection prevention and control to keep up-to-date knowledge.
Appropriate usage and storage of cleaning equipment

A minimum of three professional development sessions, self-initiated, were done in the fiscal year.
Punctuality and attendance

Report to work as scheduled.
Report to work on time as per schedule.
Participation in meetings

Attend and participate in department meetings as scheduled.
Attend and participate in general co-workers’ meetings as scheduled.
Occupational health and safety

Following and complying with H&S policies and processes and applying them to their own work activities, including using and wearing personal protective equipment as required,.
Participating in activities directed at preventing harm and promoting well-being in the workplace Identifying, reporting, and self-managing hazards where appropriate.
Early and accurate reporting of incidents at work and raising issues of concern when identified.


A completed certificate in hotel management and institutional catering is preferred.
Experience in kitchen, laundry, and cleaning functions in a recognized hotel, guest house, or hospital
Strong understanding of the need for an appropriately clean environment for patients
Ability to learn how to sterilize material, an area, or a room
Ability to establish priorities and proceed with objectives with minimum supervision.
Must possess good communication and interpersonal skills.
Must be able to speak, read, and write English.
Knowledge, Skills, Competencies, and Abilities

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